About the Coldline Project

It’s fun to share the good things of life with friends, but women frequently do not tell even their best friend if they were raped. Deciding how to react can be complicated if she knows her assailant. The moment to call a hot line passes, the story becomes a cold case for everyone else, and the hurt becomes an unhealed wound. 

The Cold Line Project offers women and men a safe place to stop keeping their stories secret. 

Between 15 and 20 percent of college women are raped between the age of 14 and 20.  Few rapes are committed by a stranger in a dark alley. Most often, the rapist is a trusted acquaintance.

The mixture of trust and rape is hard to comprehend, and the majority of victims never discuss what happened.  For many women their story of rape becomes “cold” by the calendar even though self-doubt and guilt remain “hot” issues in their lives.

The Cold Line Project was created by a group of medical and social work professionals as a safe place for women and men living with scars of rape who have not yet found a way to talk about their pain.  We want to help women and men find the confidence to know they did nothing wrong, and they are not to blame.