Blue Eyed Girl

The Coldline Project reaches out to victims of rape who have never had a chance to tell their story. Whether the experience was one year or forty years ago, we know that silence hurts and the pain of rape can linger for years.

The Coldline Project was created by a group of medical and social work professionals as a safe place for victims of sexual violence to tell their story and to stop keeping a painful secret. Telling your story helps healing begin. We want women and men who have been victims to understand they are not to blame.


Was It Rape?

Women are often uncertain whether to call their experience rape because it did not match society’s stereotypical script. More→

Tell Your Story Safely

This is a place to post your story of sexual assault. All names and locations will be changed to protect your anonymity. More→

Stories Told by People

These are de-identified stories. Names, locations, and identifiable events have been changed. Otherwise, the story is exactly as it was told to us. More→